This is probably a little self explanatory in terms of a recipe but I thought it was worth a share because it's my absolute favourite meal at the moment and probably my most eaten meal recently. Chunky Sweet potato fries covered in PeriPeri salt, lime and coriander with a avocado dip on the side. The mix of sweet potatoes with lime to add a bit of zing with the garlic and chilli avocado is out of this world. Even as I'm typing this I'm considering making this for dinner! It's very simple to put together and requires minimal cooking skills. I hate cooking so this simple dish is right up my street!

Cut the sweet potatoes into chunky wedges and season as you wish. I use a line pepper mix that I bought from Asda but salt and pepper work just fine. You might want to lay off the salt though as we are going to be adding PeriPeri salt at a later date.

Bake on a oven tray covered in parchment or baking paper at 220C for around 30 minutes until they are cooked and slightly crispy. I don't use oil when making my wedges but feel free to do so if you wanted to. I don't personally think they need oil, especially if you use the baking paper so they don't stick to the pan. None the less coconut oil is AMAZING with sweet potato fries, if you haven't tried it do at some point. It's a game changer.

Half an avocado and mash inside the skin, then add garlic powder and some chilli flakes. I always mash my avocado inside the skin as this way you don't have to wash an extra bowl. For larger batches then it would probably be easier in a bowl but for one it's mess free and saves on the washing up! Taste the avocado mix as you go along so it's to your taste. I like my Avocado really garlicky!

On the side chop a lime in half and a good handful of coriander to put on the side. If you're one of those mad people who don't like it I feel sorry for you!

Sprinkle of as much Peri Peri salt as you like. I buy the Nandos brand stuff because I really like it and you can get it from most supermarkets. It's normally in the spice aisle or with the Nandos sauces in the sauce aisle. However you could make your own by mixing Peri Peri seasoning with some salt and storing in a small jar.

Then serve! Squeeze the limes onto the sweet potatoes to add loads of flavour and add the coriander on top of the wedges. I eat this as a main meal with some bit leaves of romaine to wrap the sweet potato in. It takes so good and would 100% recommend giving it a try! Really refreshing and crunchy little wraps!

I made this in a What I Eat in a Day video which I posted over on my channel so you can watch that above or over on my Youtube channel. I'm going to be doing more food videos soon so do keep an eye on my blog and channel over the coming months.

Okay, Im going to go make these now. Mmm.