Lottie London Soap Star £6.99*

Washing my brushes more frequently is something that I make a beauty resolution to do every year but never get round to it. The Lottie London Soap Star is a solid brush soap which deep cleans brushes with ease and removes germs from dirty brushes.

To clean all you do is wet your brush and swirl it in the Coconut Oil and Shea butter infused solid cleanser to create a lather. Then simply swirl the brush in your hand and wash as normal and leave to air dry on a towel. Compared to using the baby shampoo method I used to use before my brushes are left cleaner and softer with a lot less scrubbing. The packaging is really cute and small, so it's travel friendly. It's also 100% vegan.

I really like using this, I've started keeping it in my bathroom cabinet for cleaning my deep cleaning brushes every week compared to before where I'd use every single brush in my collection before going to wash them. It's quick and easy and leaves my brushes clean and in turn my makeup application is much smoother.