The basic blogger’s kit

Trust me, every blogger’s setup is different and as you learn and expand your skills as a blogger things might change, but here are a few items that I think every blogger needs to start out and a few points you might actually considered.

What would a blog post be without images? I’m not going to recommend a specific make and model as not everyone needs the same thing. There is a large variety of equipment out there to suit every budget and need so it does depend on your skill level and dedication.

I personally use the Canon 700d with a Sigma 18-35 1.8 lens, but that’s just my preferred set up. I’d really recommend researching cameras and learning how to use them properly. Check the photography tips section for some basic tips on blogging photography. 

Two things to certainly keep in mind when thinking about investing in a camera are, first of all, that flip out screens are SO handy when taking self shots and setting up scenes. Secondly, I’d recommend investing in extra lenses for your camera, as that what makes the camera “see” and can improve the quality infinitely compared to buying an expensive body.

However, for starting out you could probably even get away with just using the camera on your smartphone. Whilst it might not be the best solution, at least you will have something to start with. When you get to the point that you are ready to commit to blogging, then it might be time to look for professional camera options to take your blog to the next level.

Spare Battery 
There is nothing worse than setting up a pretty bloggable scene than turning on your camera and seeing the dreaded red battery bar. Keep a charged backup within arms reach at all times! I actually have three spare batteries for both my vlogging camera and my main camera. This way I dont get caught out. Some Cameras even have AC sockets and plugs that you can use to power your camera without needing the battery to be charged. It reminds me that I must buy one for my new camera actually!

Tripod and a Remote 
An absolute blogging must have. The tripod can be used to take self shots, reducing the shaky hand syndrome, and a remote adds a hands-free approach to your photo taking. You can pick up remotes for most cameras and once you get one it’ll change your life.

External Hard drive
I cannot stress how important this is, both for blogging and non-blogging things! After a laptop crash and loosing all my precious files in 2010, I forever worry about my computer dying and losing everything, including my years and years of photographs and videos. Having an external hard drive in your blogging arsenal is an absolute must have. Religiously back up your important files as you never know when you might need them. 

Extra Memory Cards
Having one 32GB card is simple not enough, well unless you're super diligent about deleting files that you've transferred to your computer. Me on the other hand is useless at this so I always have a backup of memory cards on hand. These can be picked up super cheap on Amazon these days so well worth investing in a few!


Sometimes writing things down by putting pen to paper is a better way to keep your thoughts together than scrambling to write them all down in your smartphones’ note section. Keep all your creative ideas in the same place so you can refer back to them as and when you need a spark of inspiration.

Portable Charger
Tbh, I'd recommend everyone getting one of these if they are a blogger or not. When you spot a fire Instagram opportunity and you have decide between taking that snap or being able to call your Dad for a lift home. Keeping a portable charger on hands means you're constantly powered up and dont have to scramble for the nearest Starbucks to plug in your phone!