I've been sitting on this review of the Jeffree Start Liquid Lipsticks for what seems like forever even though it's been love since I first swiped them onto my lips a few months ago. I bought them on a whim one day after I saw it on some instagrammers profile and decided that I 100% needed them in my life.  And boy was I pleased when I got them. As a kid from the Myspace gen I'm super familiar with Jeffree, he's been a icon for so long now and it's awesome to see that he's still relevant years after the platforms downfall.

100% Vegan and CF these Liquid Lipsticks are probably my favourite of all the ones I own. Super pigmented, they pack an awesome punch of long lasting colour. On the lips they are smooth and easy to apply and dont give that tacky/bitty inner lip thing that some liquid lipsticks do.

Anna Nicole is a bright orange red, which I absolutely adore. It's very similar to Hourglass Riviera or Kat Von D A-Go-Go but I find myself reaching for this one over those at the moment because of it's formulation. It's just leaps and bounds ahead of the others. I genuinely think it's my favourite formulation of liquid lip lacquer that I've tried so far.

I have the shades Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Anna Nicole and Red Rum but I really want to purchase Unicorn Blood, Dominatric and Abused. To be honest I love all the shades but I wear this shade and Celebrity Skin the most.

I bought mine from his official shop for $18 (shipping was really quick) or you can buy them in the UK from Cocktail Cosmetics for £14.