I've really been digging this Saddle bag that I picked up from Topshop recently and it's quickly taken over my old double pocked bag as my new go-to bag for autumn. The reason it caught my eye initially was because of it's nod to the  Chloe Drew, which is prtty much my dream bag if I could afford to drop that much on a handbag. Spoiler - I cant.  At a cool £ this bag doesnt break the bank, and I personally think it looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. Surprisingly it's a decent size and fits all my essentials in (including my vlogging camera!)

The saddle bag has come back into being "in" no thanks to the 70's trend, plus the classic crossbody style never really stops being on the fashion radar so it makes sense the practical shape and style would be. However thanks to Chloe and a bunch of other brands toting the crescent bag it as the shape of the season the High street has followed with their own take on it. Tassles, animal prints, mixtured textured and neutral colours seem to be the go-to design features which works well for me as Im loving a warmer more neutral based colour palette compared to my usual black and white!

This is the one that I have but in my little shoppable section (which you need to have ad block turned off for!) you can see a bunch that have caught my eye.

Like I said Saddles bags are huge for fall and winter so it's worth getting your mitts on one. Plus it's just a classic no-nonsense bag that works all year round and pretty much goes with everything. Definitely something you should keep a look out for in stores!

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Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker