Somewhere in 2014 I became obsessed with patterned trousers but my love wavered this year but my yearning has still been there at the back of my mind. It was mainly spurned on when I picked up these trousers as part of a collab with Topshop, I was reminded how much I love the way they look! I wandered into Topshop while I was in London a few days ago and these really caught my eye. Now that I've looked them up online to link them I adore the way the girl on the website has them styled. I think a pleather jacket would look so awesome.

My favourite look at the moment is this huge oversized Zara jumper (which is from last year but you can pick up similar ones from ASOS atm) paired with these open toed boots.  I actually wore a little less patterned look over on my channel in my Fall/Autumn Get Ready with Me video! I dont know why I like this look so much, I think then jumper oozes winter and then the shoes are kinda hinting that summer is over but not quite (well I guess officially it is over but im gonna cling on to it as it's still pretty warm here in the UK)

Looking at these snaps the pattern is almost hurting my eyes but IRL they are much less confusing!

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Photos By Jon Barker (edited by me) & follow him on Twitter @JonDBarker