I know this looks like a Starbucks ad but I promise it's not. We'd just gone for a wander around Hove and I was gasping for a coffee and it was the closest place. I do generally try and avoid Starbz these days as the coffee is legit terrible and so over priced for what it is. None the less, sometimes you have to go full "basic white girl" and cave.

Im really digging green/khaki at the moment. Im not really sure where this has come from but it's a colour I keep being constantly drawn to when Im shopping or looking for clothes online. Maybe it's the fact the colour theme for my desk is green and I spend 90% of my time staring at the hue that it's imprinted itself on my brain. I love the way it looks with my hair colour and skintone - It's just super flattering. The dress Im wearing in these shots is really flattering and easy to wear, but it is a little bit on the long side for my personal taste so I think Im going to have to get my sewing kit out and do a little DIY job on the hemline!
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