Im not scared to admit that I’m a total Charlotte Tilbury Fangirl. I ABSOLUTELY adore her. She’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to makeup and all things beauty and thats a really endearing quality in a person. I love her style and her look and I just… ah I LOVE HER. Im not even ashamed to admit that.

A few days ago Im opened some of my post and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation waiting for me. I'd heard so much about the stuff and it's been on my list of products to try for so so long. The Magic Foundation is a full coverage, demi matte and designed to cover everything from acne scarring, redness and discolouration. Sounds like the dream right? While I haven’t given it a full trial yet I thought I’d do a first impressions (which I actually recorded on camera in a vlog which I havent posted yet!). 

As a full coverage girl who has a lot of scarring from spots - I need a bit of extra coverage. I found this foundation to be build-able rather than instant full coverage. I tried the foundation it on a particularly bad skin day, I had a rather large duo of under the skin spots on my cheek as well as a nasty breakout along my jawline so I knew testing the coverage would be perfect.  On first buff it evened out my skintone and gave me decent glow covering the scarring and blurring my pores. I needed a good stipple on my problem areas to cover that and even then after a while it faded on the spotty areas. I felt like the foundation meshed with my skin well and blended in for a really seamless look without that mask like finish. While it felt a little tackier on the face than I’d like, it was nothing that a dusting of powder couldn't fix. The finish was really dreamy too, that lovely soft lit from within glow while also being pretty and matte. Longevity was a little hit and miss, I wore it on a day where it was pretty warm so I was a bit shiney throughout the day which again I had to powder.

Im going to keep using it and see how it goes, like I said I don’t hate it and have a good feeling about the product. I do think it’s nice but I think I need to figure out how to make it work on my blemishes or maybe exclusively use it on "good skin" days. I will do a proper review in time but I do think it's interesting to see what people think of first application. I know I've tried products for the first time and absolutely hated them but then tried them again and grew to love them! Believe it or not I used to actually HATE Laura Mercier Silk Creme and I now lament it's discontinuation!