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Throwback... Tuesday? So last week I was invited to the Charli XCX for Impulse launch. When I got the invite I was instantly thrownback to the most iconic celebrity fragrance of my youth - Impulse Spice Girls. Most definitely the scent of my pre teen days! What I would do to smell that bad boy again! Now shoot forward to 2015 and the IT girl of the moment Charli XCX is stepping up to the game with her own branded Impulse body sprays.

Charli is one of my favourites at the moment, she's super cool, fun and v. sassy. She's gone from strength to strength over the last year and when I met her back in January she told me her year plans (to write and tour) but she's ended up partnering up with so many brands and doing so much in such a short amount of time. She really is the "cool girl" of the moment and it's 100% deserved.

The launch of Charli XCX for Impulse was packed full of celebs and media types, with some fancy (and delicious) cocktails, a classic photo booth and light up cotton candy (which was impossible to take a photo of!)  and I couldn't stop laughing at the fact in the photo booth it was trying to green screen Zoe's hair so she looked like she was bald. Genuinely one of the funniest things I've seen in forever! I'll treasure my bald Zoe photo forever. You can kinda see it in this vlog but my stupid camera didnt focus. Charli also played a few of her hits including Boom Clap and Break the Rules (my personal favourite!) All in it all it was a lovely bash which I had loads of fun at!

Charli XCX teamed up with Impulse and has designed two exclusive limited edition cans of some of Impulses most iconic fragrances - Vanilla Kisses and Rock & Love. Vanilla Kisses is something I've spoken about before on this blog, It's such a old school OTT vanilla and peach concoction which is super sweet, girly and fresh. Vanilla Kisses was relaunched last year exclusive to Superdrug, but it's still retaining it's iconic 90's-ness on 2015. Charli's version is packaged in matte white with a smack of lipstick to give it a modern look and feel. Rock of Love has a pop art inspired look - matte pink with a black nail design this scent is a more of a deeper mix of amber and orange blossom. It has an effortless, sassy scent, perfect for on the go. I actually love the packaging of Rock & Love, it's kinda 90's and simple but the bold shapes and colours really draw the eye in.

Vanilla Kisses is an awesome fragrance which whenever I smell it I think of the 90's and PE changing rooms at school. Despite it's youth focused roots it still feels fresh and modern and I'm proud of tweenage Lily for being able to pick a decent signature scent!

Available from Superdrug and retailing for £1.99, it's a budget friendly boost of fragrance in some super cool pop art inspired packaging.