Believe it or not I've had my cat Aerys for over two years now. Named after the Mad King from A Song of Ice and Fire she certainly lives up to her name sake. Absolutely mad, sharp claws and has a mean streak in her. I never really talk about her on the blog, infact I think I've only ever mentioned her a few times so you might not even know I have a pet!

Aery's is a blue grey Tabby. She's actually half blue Persian half ginger Tabby, her Mum was a prized Princess pedigree yet she was the only grey kitten out of a litter of ginger Tabby's. The woman who had her said it was an accident so I think she was a unwanted mistake, but I was more than happy to welcome her into my family.

Me and Jon did this shoot a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking of how I could incorporate the photos into a blog post so I thought I'd share 8 things I've learnt about having a Cat.

1. Being a biased mother, I think A is genuinely the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. However, when you have a cat you learn that no matter how cute your kitty looks in real life, as soon a you try and take a picture of it looks like the devil has reached into it's soul and is about to come and attack you. Me and Zoe always laugh at this photo of Aerys where she looks so fat and derpy... we call it her awkward teenage phase.

2. Bonding with a pet is weird. As I never really had a connection with my previous Cat so I never experience a pet human bond. It might be weird to admit but I wasn't a huge ~animal~ lover before I got a cat. I like them a lot but I never really felt emotionally attached to one. I almost had to give Aerys up earlier in the year and I cried and cried and cried. As Im not really an emotional person I couldn't believe how upset I got over the fact I almost lost her. No matter what happens I could never give her up and I love her so much I couldn't even explain!

3. Cats either love you or hate you. Never both. I grew up with a cat called Cat and she was a right ol' dame. We never really interacted as she was always my brothers pet and she simply adored him and ignored me. Aerys on the other hand likes me sometimes and hates me sometimes. She'll play up to me sometimes and come cuddle and pander to my need to be loved but others she'll avoid me and not even come up to me in a day!

4. If you have a cat/dog/child you will never ever pee, poop, shower or bathe in peace again. I cant remember the last time I was at home and Aerys hasn't come with me to the bathroom. She'll sit there throwing shade at me judging my every move. I'd never go stare at her while using the litter tray so I don't get why she enjoys it so much. I remember once I was really violently ill with a gastroenteritis once and she still sat there giving me the side eye, although I do think she was trying to be comforting in her own way.

5. When your cats get that doe-y wide eyed look it is not cute, it means attack is imminent and you should run and hide right that second. Tummy rubs never ever end nicely either - one minute they'll be all snoozy and cute and in 0.01 seconds your hand will be ripped to shreds.

6. Even if there is food in the bowl they will still want more. I feel like cats have no concept of actually finishing a meal. Even If the dish is half full they will complain by meowing and hollering loudly and making sure you're aware that they hate everything about you.
7. Nothing is more satisfying than falling a sleep with a cat perfectly curled up on your bed. Aerys sometimes come up and snuggles next to me and it's one of the best feelings ever! It's like having a real life self heating cuddly toy. But on the other hand there is nothing worse than a kitty loudly scratching at your door wanting to be let out at 4am!

8. Cats are seriously sassy beings. They have natural resting bitch faces and will happily stare you out if you do the slightest thing wrong. I never knew sass until I met A, Her face when I drop things, do the dishes or even fold my clothes is worse than when I had the watchful eye of my mother. I feel like I could take a lesson in sassiness from her!