Desk - Ikea Micke, Print- Society 6, Antelope Head - Oliver Bonas, Pens - Tiger, Pen Pots - Tiger, 
Marble Clipboard - Tiger, Camera - Urban Outfitters, Notebooks - H&M, Marble Tray - H&M

The first area of my house that I've really focused on is pulling together my desk area. It's the place I'll be spending most of my time (well apart from under my duvet watching Netflix!) at so I thought it would make the most sense to start off there.While it's still not at the point where I want to it be Im pretty happy with the direction the styling of the space is going! My number one priority in my work space is to have it looking fresh and fun at the same time. Something that ha my personal style down to a tee but also inspired and motivated me to  work.

My whole living room theme is black and white with lots of colour pops with lots of black to give a really deep contrast between the white and the black and make the colours even more vibrant. My desk is currently working a sort of green theme though that's come in the form of my pride and joy - my Oliver Bonas Antelope wireframe. It's my absolutely favourite thing I've purchased for my new place so far, it just is so quirky and unusual. Plus I just love the way it plays on the traditional taxidermy thing, all while being cruelty free and not crass!