Hello! I would apologise for my absence on this blog but I have been posting pretty consistently over on my social media (all of them are @llymlrs) as well as on my Vlogging Channel as of late so I don't feel too guilty to be honest. But I am sorry Ive not updated my blog readers and addressed you all directly! I always worry about spreading myself too thick and then things getting lost in the mix but I think I owe it to the platform I started out on to keep you guys in the loop.

So my house is getting nearer and nearer to becoming a functional place where I can properly make content so Im hoping by the beginning of next week I'll have the blog up and running on a daily basis again! Im really excited about this, I have a notebook full of ideas for content over the next few weeks as well as getting back into both outfit and beauty posts on the reg.

Honestly I cant tell you how weird it is not blogging regularly. While I've still been posting vlogs pretty much daily I just haven't had the time or the inclination to just sit down and type. I dont know why but even typing this out is weirding me out to a degree as I just feel so out of practice. I feel like I've forgotten how to use my internet voice and how to just be LLYMLRS on the internet.

I always tell people when they start blogging is to not stop as you will lose your momentum and find it hard to get back in to and thats exactly what Im feeling right now. However Im determined to get back to at least posting more than once in a month like I did last month. That was absolutely shameful as I've never in my whole blogging history posted so few times in a month!

Anyway, like I said. Things are looking awesome in the new flat. I just want my sofa to arrive so I can finally finish off my living room, which is shaping up really nicely as well as start actually deciding on how I want my bedroom to look. Im still browsing through endless pins on Pinterest looking for the one photo that sparks off my imagination and gets my interior juices flowing! Maybe I'll share some of my favourite photos on here next week!

See you then!