I put aside some time this weekend to get thinking about my bedroom and how I want it to look. I haven't really done anything to the room since I put my bed up a few days after I moved in. It currently just lacks everything I wanted from my bedroom and I thought doing some Pinterest based research might help me out and likewise sharing my findings with you guys.

Im thinking of going for a super minimal vibe in my bedroom, and possibly omitting colour all together from the space. Sticking to a really soft palette of greys, white and maybe a neutral pale blue. Ive got to have a little bit of colour after all! I just want to keep it soft and cost with lots of texture and warmth. I really want a serene sort of vibe to the space.

I'm so lucky to have have huge built in wardrobes in my room Ive got so much storage and I can hide all my clutter behind the screens! What I do need is a dresser though, I've had my eye on one from Habitat for a while but Im still not sure about it so I keep umming and ahhing over it. I like the mix of wood and white because it compliments my wardrobe doors really well as well as adding a nice scandi vibe to the room.... Im not sure but Im gonna keep thinking about this space before committing to anything!