So. It's all done! Im moved in to my new flat and I've finally let the cat out the bag on where Im going to be living in my latest vlog. Which you can check out over on my channel and above in this very post. I'll be posting daily vlogs on my vlogging channel for a while just so I have someone to talk to so I dont slowly go insane and I quite like the fact it's documenting my journey into solo living.

To be honest Im really scared and excited in equal parts. Scared because Im worried Ill miss having people around me all the time and the comforting feeling of not being alone in your house. But excited for the fact I can keep my space clean, store all my things and generally have space to live and work without the two being sat right on top of each other.

Now I've spent my first night alone I cant say this. I can totally see this being a challenge for me. I've basically left my whole life behind and dropped everything I've known for the past 4 years in London to move to somewhere completely new where I don't really know anyone. Starting again is bloody terrifying BUT Im so motivated to try something new and experience something else for a bit. Im a very spur of the moment person and although I've been talking about leaving London for the past few years, But now that I actually have I feel like maybe I'll regret it so to spite myself Im determined to prove myself wrong. Im so bloody stubborn!

Tonight at 5pm Im uploading my empty flat tour and I might post some of my vlogs as posts on here. Im really hoping to get normal programming resumed soon but Im also going to V at the Weekend so it's going to be a bit of a hectic one!