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GHOST fragrances have been on a bold journey of self-discovery and unveil their edgy side presenting a brand new feminist floral that is complimented by a brand new look and feel. The scent, like the campaign is bursting with attitude for the strong, daring and fun-loving girl of today. Their most fearless fragrance to date, this intoxicating scent marks a change of direction for the brand adding a young, mischievous edge to the existing classical collection. Ghost Girl. DARE TO BE YOU.

Ghost are just about the release a fresh and youthful new fragrance, Ghost girl. Unlike previous Ghost offering has a much younger appeal point with its fruity floral notes and graffiti inspired bottle. The fragrance has notes of pear, bergamot and raspberry before opening up floral notes like Tuberose, Almond blossom and Orange blossom. The base notes provide some warmth in the form of a cosy blend of Amber and Sandalwood. It aims to inspire the spirit of individuality, while being strong, playful and fun loving at all time.

Inspired by the fragrances motto "Dare to Be You" I decided to channel my inner emo kid and Gerad Way and go for a makeup look that was totally out of my comfort zone but a look I've always dreamed of being able to pull off. Red eyes is something I experimented with in my teens but thought I'd never be able to pull off in my mid twenties (wow, I think thats the first time I've acknowledged Im MID twenties).

I used the red from the Urban Decay Electric palette and packed it on to my eyes. Weird but it felt the red really complimented the green tones in my eyes and really made them pop. For lips I used the Jefree Star Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin which is a odd nude brown grey type shade which oddly seems to work. Dont ask me why but it just does!The sweetness of the perfume contrasts so well with the controversial look to give an awesome rock n roll come girly girl edge. I love it.

Big fan of this makeup look as it's unapologetically me, All while being a little bit out of my comfort zone at the same time. It's fun to break the mould sometimes and do something a little bit different from my usual winged liner and peach pink lips!

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