Everyone’s reasoning behind starting a blog is different, some are motivated by money, free stuff or simply by the desire to share their thoughts online.

I’ve been blogging in some shape or form for a very long time, I found out the other day I've been writing on my Live Journal since 2007 a few days ago! LLYMLRS in it’s current state has been around since 2009, although I did have blogs before that that I never committed to or simply just used them as online journals.

Becoming a full time blogger was never something that came into the equation when I started bloging. Purely because it wasnt really something that was a thing way back then. My blog has grown considerably and far beyond my wildest dreams. 

Here are my very personal reasons on why I blog and why I love what I do:
  • Being able to express myself online freely
  • Allowing myself to be surrounded by creative and engaging people from all over the world
  • Sharing my experiences so others can learn from them
  • Being part of a predominately female-led industry full of smart and powerful women
  • Having a visual record of my life from leaving university till whenever I decide to stop. 
  • Trailblazing my own career out of a hobby
  • Meeting likeminded people who are have become life long friends
  • Countless life-changing opportunities.
  • Travelling the world and seen place I’d never considered visiting
  • Encouraging and inspiring others
  • Challenging myself to learn new skills and expand my knowledge
  • Spreading a message of positivity
  • Boosting my self esteem and confidence
  • Making a hobby financially viable
  • Using my voice to influence and advise others
  • Being part of a digital revolution pioneered by young creatives
  • Knowing people care and that my opinion matters

Those are just a few of the reasons why I blog and why I love it so much. Blogging totally changed my life and I like to look back at how different my life was compared to when I started. While I don’t think anything was wrong with my life before, I just was never sure what I wanted to do with it. I never had a career goal but I knew I wanted to be successful and known for something but I didn't know what exactly would bring me in that position. There was never really a moment in my blogging story where everything just clicked. It felt right from the start, it made sense and I knew what I was doing was going to become part of my life and be one of my greatest passions. 

Id love to know why you blog, it's such a personal thing and I'd love to know your reasons!