Im no stranger to a Food Festival. I grew up in Ludlow, the self proclaimed foodie capital of the UK which has a huge slow food culture and is known for it's iconinc yearly food festival. Zoe asked me if I wanted to head over to Taste of London with her which is pretty much the same deal. Some of London's best restaurants and food producers were there to show off their wares and impress a eagar (and hungry) public!
The currency of the day were paper 'crowns', which we were supposed to use to pay for all the items we ate that day. I felt the crowns were annoying and pointless and such a waste of paper when money could have easily crossed hands on the day. You could only buy crowns in packs of 10, with most plates being around the £4-£5 mark it was quite annoying. Plus those buying beers and wines would be handing over a considerably amount more of silly paper crowns! I think I spent about £20 that day on very little food and some over priced drinks. Then again Im a Londoner and spend at least £20 on a meal out whenever I go out!

The event cost £25 to get in for the day, but then you had to pay for all the food and drink on top of that. I'd imagined It'd be more like the Ludlow Food Festival where traders offer a lot of samples and try before you buy type things. It's worth noting that there was some free iced tea, which me and Zoe happily sampled and funnily enough ended up being the only things we bought on the day. She bought it there but I ended up waiting till I got home and ordering as I didn't want to carry the stuff around. I just think it was worth noting how the things we tried were things we ended up buying!

Being newly vegan there wasn't really much on offer that I could eat really which was a shame. Although Im well aware my eating habits are probably not the type that would attend this type of event anyway so Im not going to bash them on that. I ended up having some noodles, falafel and hummus, as well as some AMAZING grilled Aubergine and harissa with coconut cream. I need to try and recreate that at home!

Overall it was a lovely event but incredibly over priced for what it was. I guess the high price tag attracts a certain class of punter but I felt it was way too expensive for what it was. All in all it was a lovely day out and we had such a nice sunny afternoon in merry London!