Some people like bags, some people like shoes. I like sunglasses. One day I'll stop harping on about sunglasses and until then you will just have to put up with me blogging about them on a bi-weekly basis. A couple of months ago when I was in Selfridges with Zoe I ended up picking up the final pair of Miu Miu 10NS that the Miu Mui concession had in stock. It was like fate or something!

They are comfortable to wear, go with pretty much everything and are always compliment prompters whenever I wear them which is always a added bonus. Cat Eye sunglasses are my jam as they just suit my face shape and compliment my overall look really well. It’s worth pointing out they are super durable too, I sometimes forget to put them in my case and just chuck them in my bag and so far they haven’t scratched or dented at all! (Touch wood!)