I decided a few months ago that it was time for me to get a Big Girl suitcase. My previous suitcase was one that my Mum picked up when we went on holiday when I was about 18. I’d used it religiously for years and then when I went to New York in September last year I felt one last pang of cringe as my Zebra print suitcase came around the carousel. It was time I invested in something that was going to last rather than getting a cheap case that lasts half a year if most with my travel schedules.

So off I tottered (seriously I was wearing ridiculous heels that day, Im having flashbacks to the pain as I type) and I went into House of Fraser and spoke to a man who was incredibly helpful and showed me all the suitcases and discussed them in detail. Some went a bit over my heard but who doesnt love a trier. In all I probably was a bit of a pain but I knew I wanted to get the best suitcase for my money and needs. 

In the end I settled on getting a Samsonite S'cure Delux 4-Wheel 75cm Large Suitcase. I’d always wanted a Samsonite suitcase as they are like the Grand-daddy of them all in the suitcase world. So I ummed and aahed over getting one for a while while trying to weigh up the pros and cons of getting a new case. They certainly aren't the cheapest suitcases out there on the market but they are something that is built to last and incredibly sturdy. I soon settled and decided it was the right thing to do.

The one I picked out has hard outer case and comes with click locks rather than a zip. I’ve gone through so many cabin sized suitcases from the zips breaking so I knew that there was no point getting a zipped one. Size-wise I’d class my suitcase as a large medium. it’s not huge but it’s pretty big, suitable for a 2 week trip.

I can’t rave about this suitcase enough. While it was £130 and is a pretty expensive option but if you’re ready to invest some money into your travel kit then I would recommend this till the cows come home. I think I’m going to get a cabin size one too just so I have a smaller option when I travel!