So I thought I'd set myself a little challenge, that you guys could also get involved with if you feel so inclined. So today I was thinking about blogging, which admittedly I've been thinking about a hell of a lot recently. Theres a huge misconception in blogging that you need to continually spend spend spend in order to create content and "keep on top of the game" when in reality it's actually pretty simple to blog without breaking the bank or ruining your budget. While there is a very spend heavy culture in blogging admittedly, where we all sort of enable each other to buy more and more in the name of "having something to blog about" - Trust me, Im guilty of this too!

I wrote about a little concept I have called Think Like a Blogger a while back now but it's probably one of my favourite posts I've ever written. You can read the whole thing here but I basically talk about how pretty much anything can be made into a blog post. From little things like going for a walk, making your dinner or pulling your favourite lipstick out of your bag and writing a post about it.

Literally anything can become a blog post, you don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe or the latest gadget in the name of a review. I bet that you could make at LEAST 10 blog posts out of things you already have lying around your house or based around things you're already doing.

Therefore as I'm back at my Mums for the next week or so and I have no blog posts scheduled or preproduced I thought I'd set myself a week long challenge of daily blogging but only talking about things I already have or I'm already doing. No money will be involved in creating next weeks content unless it's already something I was doing like say going out for tea with my Granny. Potential post ideas for that could include Q&A with her, Her beauty tips, Review of Tea Room, Asking her for her secret recipes for future blog posts etc. There are tons of posts you could write that dont involve spending a penny or pushing products at all, plus all without them being a hinderance to your day to day life. I just think it'll be a fun way to explore blogging without breaking the bank, changing my routine or overspending, all the while thinking about how I create posts for my blog.

I have a few products with me but no new launches or things I've talked about before, only a couple of outfits and not a lot of plans for the week. Im not quite sure what Im going to come up with but whatever I do will be on here over the next week and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to follow along then go ahead or even join the challenge then that would be really cool!