Im NGL. I dont REALLY know follow Jaclyn Hill on the reg. I've some of of her videos over the years but Im not overly familiar with her.  BUT What I do know about her is that she seriously rocks the glowy cheek and is the personification of highlighter on fleek. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop is her offering to the highlighting makeup world and in a word it STUNNING. 

A white gold, pinky peach highlighter that gives a serious dose of glow to the cheeks. I've honestly never used a highlighter like it, Im talking way more than a glow from within... like a glow from out of space. Infused with light reflective peals and a bit of shimmer this gives an intense luminous finish to the skin. The warm undertone works like a dream on me and it’s just… highlighter on fleek. Plus, as a cheeky (get!) bonus this powder can be used as a eyeshadow or as a highlighter so it’s a great all rounder shade. Id also class it as a night time highlighter as its WAY too intense for day wear in my opinion, it's SUPER glowy.

Downside, you can’t get it in the UK right now. I got mine from for $38 and it came within a week. Would totally recommend this to and highlighter junkie fo’sho!