Doing stuff solo shouldn’t be something you're scared of. But as a millennial I feel like its something we all feel a little bit weird about doing. There is nothing wrong with being on your own or choosing not to go out with your friends at the weekend! I think that we should take a few hours or a whole day at least once a week to ourselves to refresh, recharge and spend some time getting to know yourself better. Being independent and learning to love being with your own company will help you tenfold so here are 5 things to do solo this weekend.

Netflix is Life
Spending an entire weekend binge watching my TV shows is one of my favourite things on solo weekends. Load up with snacks and put on your cosiest PJ’s and take up residence in front of your laptop. Some of my favourite shows at the moment are Penny Dreadful and Vikings. If you have any recommendations of series to binge watch then suggest them in the comments!

Take Hike
When I was in America I realised how refreshing and mind cleansing going on a hike can be. Experiencing nature can really calm the mind and the soul and make you feel at peace with the world around you. A short 1-2 hour hike around a local wood, park or if you’re more adventurous then attempt a mountain climb! Feel the wind in your hair and the birds chirping around!

Solo Shop 
I personally love shopping with my friends  but I do also love going on my own. When Im alone I can take as much time as I like trying on things and experimenting with my look without having a friend comment on things. Hurray to being under no pressure and no judgemental friends side eyes!

Day Tripping
Hop on a train and take a visit to the coast or to a brand new city you’ve never been to before. The beauty of travelling solo it means you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want and in your own time! Stay overnight in a fancy hotel and pretend your in Gossip Girl!

Read Something Inspirational
Curl up under a duvet on your couch with and get fully engrossed in a good book. Try a motivational book to inspire and motivate you to try something new in life. Or maybe a recipe books to get you trying some new foods next week. Or even a YA novel, which are still great reads even in your mid twenties!

There are so many things I could add to this list and I may do another in the future if you guys want more things to do on your own! If you have any ideas of things others can do on their own this weekend then do leave them in the comments as I would love to know!