At the weekend I headed over to a little farm somewhere near Cheltenham to attend the 2000 Trees festival with Zoe. I made a little vlog of the day over on my vlogging channel which is embedded above or you can see it over on my channel if you click here! Hope you enjoy watching it, and I hope it's one of many vlogs to come over the festival season. I have a few more coming up this year but because I decided to spend my summer in London this year my schedule is so different from last year when I was away pretty much every weekend!

We stayed in a little Yurt thing which was so much fun and I wish I took more photos of it to show you the glamping side of festivals! The one we stayed in was HUGE and so cosy and spacious! 2000 Tree's is a underground/alt rock type festival, The crowd was quite a mixture of serious music fans, festival goes who just wanted to go to a festival and a bunch of kids. However it was a really relaxing and chill vibe going round which was really nice to be a part of. Especially as Im off to Reading this year for the first time in years and thats going to be something a bit different in comparison!

We caught a few bands but my favourites Deaf Havana were my highlight of course. I've seen them a fair few times over the past few years and they've really gone from strength to strength. Was cool to see some of their new stuff live as well as some of my favourite songs by them (check this one)!

Things took a turn for the worse when Zoe had an allergic reaction to something she'd used on her eyes on the third day of the festival so we actually ended up going home a day earlier. I honest was so worried about her eye, I'd never seen anything like it and there is nothing worse than something going wrong with your eyes! It's terrifying! She's alright now though, but its not a nice thing to happen to anyone!