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Nautical is a trend I've always been happy see fade into the background. It comes around every year and really has been well and truely done. I genuinely was surprised that it it's actually one of the few trends that hasnt come back around this year. Although, get me being so alternative and off beat by wearing something sailor inspired. In classic LLYMLRS style I picked up this White Pepper dress a couple of months ago and I've been wearing it on and off since. The thing I like about the White Pepper is that their dresses normally speak for themselves. They don't need accessorising or fancy things added to them, they just look cute, cool and fuss free.

My little bag is from Zara but has since sold out as I bought it last year. I always forget about it due to it's teeny tiny size but everytime I come across it in my bag collection it catapults right up to the top of the list of my favourite small bags. While it's only big enough to keep my phone, debit card and my keys in it's still pretty practical. This one from the Cambridge Satchel Company is very similar and looks a bit bigger which would probably be hella practical compared to mine!