As people and mainly young women on the internet I think it’s safe to say we all suffer from a bit of social media jealously/envy/anxiety whatever you want to call it. I personally do think envy is a natural an healthy trait to have as long as it doesn’t destroy or consume you. Admittedly I barely go a day without using at least one social media network. Social media has become such a big part of out lives, the way we share details about ourselves and in turn the way we view the people around us.

It’s highly unlikely that someone is going to share their electric bill on instagram or vlog themselves having argument with their partner. I estimate about 100% of people purely use social media to share the best parts of their life. I know I do. And I think that’s okay. Just remember that 80% of my time I stay in my house, sitting at my laptop in bed, working in my pj's. The other 20% is fabulous and glam and full of lovely dinners, sweet outfits and doing cool things. Bottom line, Social media is edited and what you might be seeing isn’t the whole truth. 

I know friends, family and even bloggers and vloggers who in fact who are able to make the smallest of things into social media spin. We all have those friends who post the most outlandish, bragging posts and status updates. You know, there are just times when you have to roll your eyes at their claims and you know that it’s not the full story. Personally - I don’t take it all too seriously, laugh at the audacity and ridiculousness of it all and just let them get on with it. The bottom line is you cannot let people moderated and filtered lives get to you. The only person they are fooling is themselves.

Sometimes on social media it seems everything is going right for others and wrong for you. The most helpful thing I’ve learnt in time is to be mindful and try and be genuinely happy for other peoples success and happiness. Reaching a sort of holistic place where you excited for others is a good way to actually make you feel better. Using that envy positively to motivate you to try something new, put yourself out there and share.

Shift your focus and count your own blessing. Focus less on what others have, focus on what you, yourself and most importantly your life. 

Social media jealousy is something everyone feels a bit of every now and then. It’s really natural effect of being part of a world that’s so filtered and polished.

Have you ever felt this way? How do you deal? Lets talk about this in comments.