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On a weekend jaunt to Brixton before a party I picked this ruched off the shoulder striped top from H&M. Sorry I cant link it in my shop the post but it's current stock so go check it out! If you've been keeping track of any of my recent hauls then you'll be well aware Im all about the off the shoulder cut at the moment. It's super flatting and just gives me a nice shape, especially as I have a pretty wide chest, it just seems to flatter it quite nicely. I even picked it up in blue and white stripe because Im that type of person to buy something in every colour if they see something they like!

I have no idea why I look so moody in all of these photos! Im sure Jon can confirm that I wasnt actually all that sulky when we did this shoot! Clearly just not having a brilliant time though! Oops, must work on my resting bitch face for sure. I just cant help it!