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A bit of a weird outfit for me as it's a very non-typical me outfit. However I wore this on a date recently so I thought I'd show it on here too. The reason why this came to fruition was because I saw someone in the street wearing a ripped midi skirt from ASOS (I was that person and stopped and asked her) and I just knew I had to recreate. Unfortunately it was OOS by the time I got around to ordering on it so I had to go searching for an alternative. This one is from Vila and is a little bit shorter (then again Im 5ft5, so maybe it's a good thing!).

I've been on a bit of a Midi skirt hype recently, I love the length more than ever and have been opting more and more for trousers and skirts that cut off mid calf rather than my usual mini. I think it's super flattering and I feel pretty comfortable in it! Maybe it's my old age (ahem) that has got me craving longer lengths!