My skin hates sunscreen, but I KNOW I have to wear it and even more now summer is creeping slowly up on us. Most sun creams can make sensitive skin types break out, they just contain a few things that can cause breakouts. I actually think my face is allergic to sunscreen as it tends to bring me out in dry patches and burns slightly. There are a lot of different suncreams out there for the face but for me, they are just repackaged versions of regular sun screen.

Saying that Benefit Dream Screen is one of my all time favourite sunscreen products designed specifically the face. I love its dry matte feel, it kinda feels like a primer that a slick sun lotion. Apply a generous amount before applying any foundation or any base products and it’ll fully protect the skin from the sun. It’s also SPF50 which is ideal protection for the face! Packaged in a teeny vintage inspired blue packaging it’s a really eye catching and cute product that while it doesn’t scream “Summer SPF” it’s a good all year rounder.