Whats in my Suitcase

Im back! Well I've been back since Thursday but this is the first day of non scheduled content so I kinda feel like Im back back now! Today post is going to be is the first instalment of my Trek America week! I'll be kicking off the week on my blog with a packing video!

Before I left for my Trek America I decided to do a packing video showing you what I was planning on taking with me. It was a super casual video but I thought it might be a fun idea to show what I was bringing with me on my trip.  It did also have another section but my memory card decided to corrupt and it was lost in the depths of Cyber space so I cut it down to just the clothes I bought with me! You can watch my video over on my Youtube Channel or above for a full run down on all the things I picked to take with me!

Now that Im back I thought I'd add a few bits about my post things I’d change now I’m home and reflecting on the trip. Id really recommend bringing long pants/trousers and something like leggings or yoga pants. I last minute packed sweatpants but no jeans so I ended up buying yoga pants while I was away. It’s America so everything was super easy to get hold of but you could save yourself money by packing them with you. I’d already planned on picking up an ‘murica hoody so I only bought the one I wore on the plane which was an error in hindsight. Bring a few warm clothes even if you think its going to be hot because even thought it was generally pretty warm it does get incredibly cold in the evenings. Just because you’re in the desert it doesn’t mean it won’t get cold! It’s worth noting that our trip was unseasonably cold and rainy too! I also packed a dress for our last night in Vegas as I wanted something a little over the top/dressy for Vegas, because it’s goddam Vegas! I also didnt pack heels, which again most clubs in Vegas expect you to wear some sort of dressy shoe (sandals are fine, just not trainers!) I ended up buying some Steve Madden ones which... er... lets just say they went for a swim in the pool.

Apart from that I used pretty much used and wore everything I bought with me. I would 100% recommend bringing a sleeping bag liner as it creates a extra warmth layer. And dont forget to pick up things like suncream, bug spray (although I didn’t use it at all on the trip and didn’t get bitten, Im highly allergic) and a pillow from a Walmart stop along the way! Bring lots of socks, more than you'll think you'll need too as things do get a little sweaty in the foot department!