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Recently I’ve collaborated with TK Maxx on some research that explores how social media influences our personal style and shopping habits. We’re now seeing the rise of the insta- wardrobe, as people look to social media for style inspiration. As someone who is a serial shopper, blogger and all round social media savvy chic, I know this all too well. I think 90% of the things I buy are based on things I see other people wear or talk about online. I can’t scroll thought my Instagram feed without being inspired or influenced by something someone I follow is wearing. I think it’s a really positive thing that we’re open to influences from real people online and not only celebrities. 

TK Maxx is one of the best places to find designer items with super affordable price tags. You can literally pick up things for a fraction of their RRP and it’s a treasure trove of gems. I’ve worked with them to bring you my top look for festival season, I hope you love it! 

For my outfit I decided to choose a loose tank and knotted it at my waist. For bottoms I decided to go with this unique cut out skirt - I love how the floral lace extends past the under skirt so it shows the pattern a little bit more. As footwear I found these sweet leopard skate shoes. Skate shoes are my favourite shoes for festivals purely because they are comfy and cool at the same time. Although with the British weather you may have to pull out the wellies! To accessorise I chose a pair of reflective sunglasses, a very well loved leather jacket and my trusty Fedora. I mean when in the last year have you seen me without one?

Every store has unique stock, so you may not be able to find my exact outfit in store, but I’m sure you’ll find something you love just as much as I like my outfit!

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