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As I mentioned a while ago I teamed up with Schwarzkopf to give my hair a bit of a refresh and add a flash of colour. Settling on a reddy pink tone for the ends of my hair and refreshing my roots with some at home highlighting.

My hair is naturally dark blonde/brown, but I’ve been blonde for about 3 years now in various ombre style shades. I’ve never attempted to do my hair at home before so it was a bit nerve wracking when I tried it myself. I really like the rooty, rock n roll look so I tend to pick styles and colours that work well with my grown out bob. I’ve had pink tips before as well as bright pink when I had long hair but I’ve never done pink tips with my Lob.

While I love the pink it’s not something I’d keep all the time. It’s fun and quirky but having blonde hair it gives you so much flexibility to chop and change colours around all the time! I love the mixture of the two colours though as I felt a bit like Taylor Swift in the Trouble video!

Although I’ve changed my hair a little since I did the pink tips the reaction from you guys was overwhelmingly positive. I always get a little nervous when I switch up my hair as sometimes you can get backhanded compliments like “I prefer you hair when it was like XYZ” But most of the time people are really nice about it!