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So… it’s finally got to that point where I have to announce something I’ve been working on for goodness knows how long. It’s been playing on my mind for what feels like forever. But yeap, Im writing a book.

I was pitched the idea of doing a book sometime in 2014 and I’ve been working on it here and there for almost a year now. I’ve been so nervous about announcing my book and I’ve had so many anxiety attacks this week just writing out this post. Mainly because Im doing a lot of it myself - From the writing to the image making the lot. Of course Im not doing the publishing part but I have some awesome people working on that side for me. To me writing a book was such a daunting task really and a HUGE challenge for someone who isn’t a trained writer and isn’t even really that academic (art school, hollaaa). I just knew that when I had this opportunity to do something in such a huge an unknown medium to myself - I wanted to share the thing that Im most knowledgeable and passionate about and that’s blogging.

My book is an inspirational slash advice style book for everyone from newbie bloggers, ones looking to up their game as well as advice going into full time blogging. It’s going to cover things from social media plans, content management, how to get inspired, how to name your blog and how to make the jump from hobby to full time blogging. I get asked every single day for advice on blogging and while I think you should take blogging tips with a pinch of salt sometimes I just want to inspire people to go forth and blog. A lot of it is done already but if you have any questions or topics you think I should cover then do let me know in the comments.

I just wanna take some of those questions people have a long the line of blogging and have a definitive answer to them all in the same place. Taking away that kinda nervousness about starting something new and different. 

Blogging changed my life is so many ways. From confidence, financially and turned my lifestyle on it’s head. Not to mention changing my whole career path. It’s a huge part of who I am and who I grew up to me. Im forever grateful for the people who support my blog and have been around from the start. It’s so crazy how huge blogging has got over the years and I feel so blessed to be part of this rich and exciting community. But yeah I knew I wanted to write a book that served a purpose so thats why I pushed to write a book about a subject rather than about myself.

Obviously I have a great editor behind me editing my terrible spelling and telling me off for trailing off in the middle of a sentence but I am writing it myself and yeah.  I dont really know what else to say! I did a video last year where I alluded to the fact I was writing a book and everyone saw it as me throwing shade at other bloggers writing books. It wasnt at all, I just didnt want to tell people and I even said it at the time in the comments it wasnt supposed to be shade! But hey ho. Lets face it, bloggers /vloggers are the in thing. People want to read what we have to say because's its new, unexplained and just a bit hard for people to get their heads around. But just like every other skill or job on the planet, people want to know about it. Curiosity and vouyerism!

I dont think Im a writer or an author now, and to me Im just looking at it like a bunch of blog posts but printed out on some fancy looking paper. I'll always be a blogger/vlogger at heart I just felt like the opportunity to write a book in mainstream medium was an opportunity I couldn't turn down.

I've legit been doing this about a year now so it's pretty insane thinking how far there is still to go. As soon as I get all the info about when its published and preorders I’ll of course let you know. As I name the book and all that jazz I’ll let you know. I know it’s tentatively scheduled for September though… so yeah. IM DOING A BOOK OMG. 

I’ve been having anxiety attacks on the reg just thinking about this post and Im so scared about the reaction. However Im so excited, proud and just you know… stoked about doing something like this.