sunday riley clay cleaner oskia renissene cleanser

My poor skin is having a bit of a rough time recently. I haven't quite pin pointed the exact thing thats breaking me out but it could be a primer which I've just realised as silicone in or a change in my diet. Who knows, although Im determined to get to the bottom of it all! Recently I've been using a new combo of products that I picked up on Space NK and Cult Beauty and I thought I'd share my thoughts

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is more of a gel balm, I was imagining it would be more of a gel than a balm as my skin doesnt normally like balms. I have noticed that the overall appearance of my skin is much better and my congested areas (cheeks and nose) look a lot let noticeable. I love the way it feels on my skin and the way it removes my makeup with ease. It's super milky and light and leaves my skin feeing deeply cleanser and so fresh.

Whenever I use a balm I always have to follow up with another cleanser to make sure its all off my skin. I've been using the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser which again wasn't how I was expecting either. It's actually a light foaming cleanser packed full of french clay to draw out any nasties from the skin. My skin is currently a mix of scarring and active breakouts and I feel like this brightens my skin without making it feel tight or dried out.