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Voting. Yeah. I know it’s off brand and probably not something you’d expect to see me harping on about on the blog but it’s so so important, For years I was incredibly uninterested in politics. Even when I reached 18 and had the right to vote I still didn’t take the time to really educated myself on the subject. It’s not something we’re really taught in schools (I mean I knew what the parties were called, but no idea of their values or core messages). Flash Forward and now and I’ve actually realised how important using my vote is.

Today I want to encourage you all to go out to register to vote as well as visit your local polling station. So here are 5 reasons why you should vote....

It’s worth it.

While voting might seem like a chore, it really doesn’t take all that long. Is a quick half and hour to and from the polling station. You have the power to make a difference that effects not only your life and the people and community around you.

The Youth Vote is underused

Often politics isn’t aimed at young people (but they sure are trying, Hello PM's instagram feeds) but we have a voice and we should use it. Each party are spending thousands of pounds trying to appeal to us by using Twitter and Instagram (and failing miserably) to connect with us. They see how much power we could have if we just chose to vote. Politicians often cater their manifestos towards people who are more inclined to vote which is generally older people or people who have specific view points. Year after year I see young people saying they won’t vote because it’s not worth it or nothing will change. It’s sad but in the last General Election less than half of 18 to 24 year olds voted. 

If you don’t vote nothing will change

If you don’t vote then stop complaining about how terrible you think the government is. Not voting means your part of the problem which lets an extreme party into power. If you don’t vote it’s like saying “Well I don’t really care what happens to my country”. Exercise your PRIVILEGE to vote. There are people in the world who are begging for the freedom to choose their own political powers and women fought so hard to make their opinion count. Don’t sit back and not bother at all because YES nothing will change.

Think of the future

Things happening in this general election will have a knock on effect in the future. Think about the world your going to grow up in or your children might grow up in. Topics like education funding, fracking, employment and job training programs and health care all effect young people’s lives. Without having a say on these things now it can have a knock on effect in the future.

Your voice will be heard

Like I said the misconception of not voting  because you think your opinions won't make a difference is so dumb. When your vote is mixed with other like minded people’s votes thats when things start to change. But in the same way if the only people who do turn up to vote are the passionate far right... The louder that voice grows and therefore is being heard and could potentially go into power. We're currently living in an age where an extremist party is getting almost as many votes in the polls as the big two parties. Vote because you can, we have a democracy for a reason and it only works if you actually  do something about it rather than taking it for granted. 

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for because you have to work that one out for yourself. Educate yourself and just do it. Don’t think about doing it. Don’t put it off. It’s really not that much effort. SO GO TO THAT POLLING STATION AND BLOODY DO IT.  I get why people are disenchanted by Politics. I get why people are dissatisfied and disillusioned with the current state of affairs in the UK (or insert your country name here). But what I don’t get is why young people aren’t actually voting or taking an active interest in the state of our country. If we don’t look at our options and look towards change nothing will happen and we’ll just be where we are and never move forward.

You can register to vote right up till the 20th April (which is also my birthday!) at this link

The bottom line is, You have the right to have a say in how your country is run. It’s an absolute privilege to have and is so vital to our everyday lives. So just do it. Make the country a better place rather than blaming those who do vote for your poor choices.