3 Voluminous Hair Hacks

3 Voluminous Hair Hacks

The higher the hair the closer to Jesus? Or something like that. For most of us the dream is to have long flowing hair with just the right amount of oomph. That sexy fullness only those who pay a fortune to get their hair blow-dried weekly can achieve. Here are a few of my voluminous hair tricks!

Chubby Curling Tong

Pick a super duped wide barrelled curling tong and take 1-2 inch sections and curl. Then as you let them loose use a comb to brush them out. Make sure to prep the hair with a good heat protectant that has a little hold. My pick is the L'Oréal Paris Elnett Curl Heat Protect Spray. Results- bouncy loose curls with just enough definition. Psst - Babyliss Glamour Waves is the best tool.

Velcro Rollers

Think of these as a push up bra for your hair. Prep hair by scrunching through a bit of mousse (Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse) and then take a roller and roll the hair up. Don’t worry about being to precise about this as uneven placement can add to the undone voluminous look. Number 1 Tip? Roll the ones at your crown away from the face. Set the hair with heat and finger comb out.

Prepping Products

Make sure to use a texturising or volume boosting spray before drying the hair. If you have fine hair to begin with and struggle to get volume then this is key step. Just make sure not to overload the hair with product as it can leave it looking TOO volumised. Remember were going for sexy mussed up volume not crazy dragged through a hedge volume! Oribe Dry Texurising Spray and Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray in conjunction with each other is just... next level.


  1. Oh Velcro Rollers sound really nice & very practical to use! I love big hair but don't always have time especially in the morning to prep properly so this seems like a very good alternative.


  2. great tips, thanks so much ! definitely need to try the velcro rollers, they sound great x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  3. Great tips! Thanks!

  4. These are some great tips, I will definitely be using some of them as my hair is looking pretty flat and lifeless lately x


  5. I definitely need these tips, my hair is sadly lacking in volume to any help is most appreciated!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  6. I'm definitely going to try the velcro rollers, they sound amazing for voluminous hair!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  7. I need to try velcro rollers! Your hair always looks amazing though x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  8. Great tips! I will definitely be trying the curling tongs or rollers! I am using the Bumble Thickening spray at the moment, and my hair is so lovely, even for a day after washing. I definitely recommend that beauty! :)

  9. I always curl away and flip back over, that adds a nice poof - I've also just started using volumising spray which is working wonders!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  10. Such great tips, thank you! You look gorgeous here :)
    Lovely post, as always!

    Karis // karisatkinson.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Velcro rollers are amazing

    Alisha xx

  12. Still trying to get to grips with my rollers! I need to try the oribe spray, been meaning to for ages!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  13. I've never tried velcro rollers, but I've always wanted too! Make have to give them a go soon :)

    Check my blog HERE

  14. I can't imagine not using any products on my hair anymore ... not sure, if that's a good thing, haha!


  15. I used to use velcro rollers all the time. Great tips, I am always lusting after volumious hair x


  16. I love that you don't mention backcombing, it is widely used before it's such a convenient method of course but it can be so damaging to the hair! And doesn't look that cool when you see all the knots that it creates haha.
    Love your methods, especially the rollers!

    Julia x
    Check out my last post here: http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/edinburgh-photo-diary-part-i.html

    1. I know right it looks so bushy and it's hard to get it back to normal

  17. I've just bought an amazing Bed Head shampoo which gives so much volume! Great tips as always : ).


  18. This is a great post please do more of these they really help I never tried rollers I think they look so retro

  19. Great tips! I love your hair :)

  20. Great tips! You look fab!


  21. Your hair is looking so gorgeous !


  22. I always use velcro rollers for a volume boost but for some reason skin out on moose - I'll give that a go next!

    Great tips as usual :)

    Lana, xo

  23. Love a good set of hair rollers! My grandma swears by them, my Mum and now me ha! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  24. I don't think I could live without my wide barrel curlers. I love the way they create perfect loose waves!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  25. Great tips! I often use rollers to create volume :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  26. Amazing!!

    Your Silk&Salt Team,
    -Instagram is for pictures, Youtube is for videos, Silk&Salt is for blogposts-

  27. Your hair´s looking so nice! Love your tips! http://cosmicconfession.blogspot.de/

  28. love the tips! - the rollers work best for me


  29. Lovely!


  30. I'm definitely going to try the velcro rollers, they sound amazing for voluminous hair!
    Beautiful hair!
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