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Im currently in the process of growing out my fringe (or bangs if you will). I’ve totally hit that awkward length between them looking cool and chic and being a little bit too overgrown. I’ve decided to avoid reaching for my hair dressing scissors and take the time to actually grow it out. I know patience is a virtue and not one that I currently possess. Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way to try and manage my tresses! 

Trims are Important. Okay so I know I said don't reach for the scissors but it is important when your growing out your fringe (or your hair!) to go for regular trims. It’ll keep your hair looking healthy and help it grow. It’ll also help them not look such a straggly mess!

Switch up your Parting.  I’ve switched my parting from a center parting with full front fringe to a side sweep. When my fringe has reached and acceptable length I want to have a flipped over side parting so Im already starting to teach my hair the way I want it to fall. Putting them to the side is also a great way to hide that awkward length!

Pin Pin Pin. Pick a hairstyle that keeps your hair in check. I like to pin my fringe to the sides and then smoothing them down with a styling product. The pins stop my fringe from awkwardly sticking out and hide the fact they arent an ideal length!

Braid it. A few hair styles you can use to hide your fringe as it grows include braiding them back away from your hair, smooth down any flyways with product to prevent them poking out. Chic and easy to do!