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Oh god. We’ve all been there. Woken up with an untameable mane that no matter what you do it won’t look right. The fight against bad hair days in a real struggle for us humans and one I think we can all come together in solidarity with a “I FEEL YOU!”.

Today I thought I’d chat a few different different hair related hacks for dealing with bad hair days.


Oldest trick in the book. Cover that unmanageable mess with a good ol’ hat. My go to is a chic fedora but a beanie is just as good in these types of situations. Keep a few different styles in your wardrobe is the quickest and easiest way to hide grubby looking locks. Fedora’s are ALWAYS my hat of choice!


I find a lot of my bad hair days stem from not using the right products on my hair. While Dry Shampoo seems like a good idea at the time overloading the hair with it can make it look dull and lifeless and give that horrid grey cast. Often find my hair looks bad if I don’t use a good moisturising conditioner or prep my hair properly before styling.  So always be smart about what products you are going to be using as well as savvy with the amount you use. It really can make the difference between a good and a bad hair day! Sometimes the only thing you can do is to wash your hair and start a fresh. It's so much effort but it really does make a difference if you cant rescue it! Dont fight battles you'll never win!


Keeping a few go-to in your hair styling routine is a must. Milk maid braids or the iconic fashion blogger topknot can be life savers on days where your hair just won’t play ball. I personally love the top knot, it's a failsafe and easy way of hiding bad hair days! Here's a little tutorial I did on how to do a messy Bun if you're looking for some inspo!