benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a wonder balm for a variety of skin aliments. It an all round magic skin balm. Coconut oil has a variety of health benefits when used in cooking such as regulating blood sugar, fighting heart disease and improve the immune system. But used topically it can help a variety of skin, hair and body issues. In fact I’d place a bet that you could replace all pretty much all of your beauty regime with Coconut Oil if you wanted to!

Here are my favourite ways to use Coconut Oil:

Lip Treatment - Perfect for chapped lips Skin Softner - Smoothed into the elbows or knee’s to soften dry skin.
Makeup Remover - Ideal for removing makeup without the use of chemicals.
Shaving Balm - Close shave and a moisturiser at the same time. 
Deep Conditioner - Left in the hair overnight to leave the hair looking shiny and smooth.
Hand Balm - Rubbed into chapped palms to instantly soften the skin
Hair Oil - Applied to the ends of the hair to smooth and tame frizz.
Body Scrub - Combine coconut oil and sugar.
Massage Oil - Great choice for a massage oil as it’s not too greasy and smells lovely.
After Sun- Highly moisturising so great for sun exposure.
Homemade Toothpaste - Combine equal coconut oil and baking soda & sweeten with stevia.
Oil Pulling - Swished around the mouth like mouthwash to reduce bacteria.
Hair Mask - Use overnight on the hair for a super nourishing natural hair mask.

Seriously there are so many ways you can use the stuff. For me I like it best when used as a hair mask. Left overnight it leaves my hair looking shiney, managable and easy to tame.  I'm converted to the Coconut Oil side. I buy my Coconut Oil from M&S but you can pick it up in most supermarkets in the health food sections. It also tastes awesome on food, I like to use it when roasting sweet potato for a subtle coconutty taste. Yum!