how to be happy

ways to make yourself happier

Sometimes I’ve been in the most rotten of moods and doing a simple thing that I know triggers that happy section of my brain off can snap me right out of it. I do think happiness is a choice and it's something you, yourself can help get rolling.

Here are a list of 25 things that make me feel a little happier and in the hope that at least one of them will make you smile.

1. Choose to be happy.  Like I said being happy is a positive choice you can make to improve your own life. Shake yourself out of a rut by thinking positive thoughts and working towards your own goals rather than dwelling on other things that might bring you down.

2. Buy some new shoes. Because new shoes equals instant happiness. Am I right?

3. Go to your local coffee shop and do some people watching. I don’t know what it is about looking at others but it’s quite cathartic. It's nice to just sit and observe the world around you sometimes as it puts everything into perspective. It's simple but fun. Plus, a skinny sugar free iced vanilla latte gives me instant satisfaction.

4. Learn something new. I ended up learning to play the Ukulele and Im currently sort of learning the guitar. While Im not getting very far with the latter,  I learnt a new skill in the Uke as well something to keep my mind off all the things that were upsetting me.

5. Wear a bold lipstick. Sometimes when I feeling a bit blah about myself I make the effort to slick on my favourite red lipstick (Hourglass Riviera, Always!) and it instantly boosts my confidence and my mood!

6. Check out the Cute Emergency Twitter feed for a instant boost of happiness. Nothing makes me happier than photos of puppues.

7. Go for a drive. Blast the music as loud as you can and be THAT person in the car singing your heart out. Chances are you’re never going to see that person next to you in traffic ever again. So just do it. Release your inner Beyonce!

8. Take a warm bath stuffed with your favourite bath products. Sometimes I like to overload on the Lush stuff and end up coming out of the bathroom smelling like some teenage boy who’s sprayed way too much Lynx.

9. Buy some pretty flowers all for yourself and do some Pintrest-worthy flower arranging….Or just plonk them in a vase and hope they look good. The latter being my approach to it.

10. Bake some cupcakes. Or again if you’re not that kinda person go to a local bakery and pick up some sweet treats to gorge yourself on. Calories don’t count when you’re sad, Kinda.

11. Mediation might seem all new age mumbo jumbo but that little bit of time out will help you clear your mind and refocus your energy.

12. Paint your nails. Or pay someone do do it for you. Feel that little bit sassier with a fresh coat of polish and file job!

13. Get a good nights sleep. One of the most important things is to get a good solid sleep. It’ll help you calm down and de-stress and hopefully get your thoughts in order. Sleep deprivation can take an incredible toll on your mental health so it’s so important to try and get enough of it.

14. Be grateful for your what you have. Count your blessing and be thankful you have things like a phone in your hand or money in your pocket. Some people are much worse off than you'll ever be.

15. Put your phone down. Stop dwelling and worrying about other peoples lives and switch the darn thing off. Don’t waste your life refreshing your Instagram feed or stalking that boy you like on Twitter. It’s destructive and just not worth your time.

16. Reach out to an old friend. Some of my favourite memories are with people who I don’t keep in touch with as much as I should. Message someone out of the blue to talk about that time my fly was down at uni or when you won that Pac Man Ghost out the Claw machine after putting in about £30! Just talk to someone who makes you feel good!

17. Visit somewhere new and exciting. It might seem daunting to go off on your own but going out and seeking new and exciting adventures is fun! Theres nothing wrong with going away on your own for a day or two!

18. Clean. I know it’s basic but it’ll keep your mind off whatever might be upsetting you and plus you get a nice refreshed space to live in. Your hard work will pay off so you don’t have to feel embarrassed when you invite a friend round for a glass of wine! (cheeky bonus happiness point there too!)

19. Go all teen angst and write down it down in a diary. Sometimes putting pen to paper and getting all those feels out makes things seem a lot easier to deal with.

20. Check out an exhibition you’ve been putting off for weeks. Checking some pretty artwork or cool new installation will get your creative juices flowing.

21. Go for that run you’ve been putting off since New Year. Getting your blood pumping around your body and those endorphins going will boost your mood considerably. It’s a fact.

22. Listen to some music. Music has this funny thing about it that can make us feel all different types of feels. Listen to your happy song and have a dance around your living room. I think my cat must think Im crazy when I do this!

23. Explore your local area. Put on some suitable shoes and go for a wander around your local area. Find a secret quiet place only you know about and spend some time quietly reflecting on life.

24. Organise some stuff. It could be your wardrobe (Hello Pinterest, dream wardrobe) or your makeup stash or even your knives and forks. That smug feeling of completing and organisation task is one of the best in the world. You go Glen Coco.

25. Read a book. Download something new onto your Kindle app if you’re not one for the paperback things. Plus you can pick something motivating and uplifting with the click of a button.