travel photography
travel photography
travel photography

I travelled quite a bit last year and I hope that I get to do the same this year too. I have a lot of plans for places I want to visit and countries I want to explore. One of the best thing I've ever done was to travel and capture my experience along teh way. The views were breathtaking. The people were vibrant and full of life and there was so much beautiful landscape I just wanted to capture it all. Today I thought I'd share my cameras and some of my travelling photography safety tips!

What I UseD

When I went travelling around Asia in the summer I bought my Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition (last photo) and my Sony NEX5R II. The Go Pro is the travellers choice of camera due to it's small size and the fact it's so durable. It can be strapped to almost anything, go under water and has a super wide angled lens which is perfect for a selfie. With a selfie stick - Naturally. The Sony NEX5R II is my normal on the go camera which I take


I would recommend getting a camera strap with an adjustable wrist straps and ALWAYS put them around your wrist when taking photos so no one can knock the device out of your hands. Always get insurance on expensive items, you never know what might get stolen. Paying a bit extra to cover your gadgets is really important and will save you money in the long run. It's always good to be aware of your surroundings and be so careful. Take note of the things around you and what might be happening. Be smart and dont travel with cameras thats cost thousands of pounds either, while the image quality might be amazing, cheaper digital cameras can do a similar job and cost so much less and therefore replaceable.


Getting your favourite photos printed is a must. While uploading them to Facebook is also pretty much everyones preferred method of sharing their snaps. I'd suggest using a online service to get them printed out. They are quick and easy to do and the perfect way to have a keepsake from your trip. I have a friend who travels a lot and swears by getting hers made into books. This way she can add captions and memories of her trips away as well as have something solid to hold in her hands to remind her of her time away. I really want to get on board with this and do this myself on my next trip! Part photo diary part journal, so when I look back at the images in 10, 15, 20 years time I'll remember the crazy experiences I had!