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Spring cleaning is one of those things I absolutely dread. It’s boring and a chore that I’d rather just keep at the bottom of my overflowing to-do list.BUT with the new year came a fresh start and I felt like there was no time like the present to give my house a good ol’ fashioned spring clean. Armed with a few tips from readings blogs online and a few days of the dreaded “it’s getting worse before it gets better” I managed to spruce up my bedroom and my house.

- Get rid of unwanted bits and bobs and give back. Give you’re unwanted and unused belongings to charity or friends. You might not need or want some of your belongings but someone in need might! When sorting out my wardrobe I always try to put together at least one big bag of clothes to give to my local charities. It just makes me feel good that Im cleaning out my clutter as well as

- You can invite people round without having to say “It’s not normally this messy!”. I swear every time a friend comes over they either comment on my clutter or on the fact my room is exceptionally tidy.

- It helps switching up your surroundings. Getting a little bit creative is good for the mind! Pop up a few new posters or add a few house plants on shelves. Moving your belongings around a little can really change thing up. Moving your sofa or your bed positioning . I always feel moving things around is a great way to feel like you’ve redecorated without actually buying anything new!

- Cleaning is therapeutic. I always think having a clear out is a great way to reduce stress and clear your mind. Theres something about a clutter free organised space that makes me feel more productive, where as disorganisation can make me feel unproductive

- You have that smug sense of achievement when you’ve finished. Especially when it's a big cleaning or sorting out project. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all your belongings all neat, tidy and organised. I honestly feel so much joy when I open my wardrobe and it’s not all bundled in the bottom in a lump but everything is hung up nicely and in an somewhat organised fashion. It also makes dressing 10000 times easier.

I always thought the notion of a spring clean was a bit lame but now I see it as a must. Even just a little bit of sorting out has cleared my mind and the space around me. Which in turn has really helped me become more productive and happier in my working and day to day enviroment. Revitalising my mind and making me motivated to start a fresh. I'd totally recommend it!