Keeping Motivated as a Blogger
blogger motivation

I feel like I've been a bit MIA on the blog recently. I've had a spot of bloggers block... not even bloggers block it's been more of bit of a dip in creativity. I'm currently working on something pretty epic which I've been doing since the middle of last year which I feel has taken up all my day to day thinking power. I took some time out this afternoon to reflect on things and thing about myself and how exactly I keep motivated as a blogger.

Sometimes there is this huge struggle to constantly come up with new, fresh and innovative ideas. Especially when it feels like everything has already been done by someone else. Bloggers block and keeping motivated come hand it hand. The lul in blogging you’re experiencing is something that even the most seasoned blogger will deal with. Coming from experience here are some of my ways to get over the blogging dip.


Consider why you started blogging in the first place? Chances are your putting too much pressure upon yourself. Often people come to me and say they have give up blogging because they stopped enjoying it. Remember that blogging shouldn’t be an obligation. It should always be something that you want to do! The key is to tap back into the enthusiasm you started your blog with and look at the situation with fresh eyes.


What part of blogging really excites you? Is it the writing, image making, sharing or the social side? Keep the love in blogging alive rather than dwelling on the negatives. Like with everything in life always do what you love rather than focusing on the aspects you don’t. Avoid the parts you don’t like for a bit (for me it’s the administration and emails side) and throw yourself into the exciting parts. Take photos, pour your heart and share your thoughts with the world.


When bloggers blog gets my truly stuck in a rut I like to just consider a few thingsConsider all the aspects that make you like a blog and consider how you can apply them to your own website. Is it writing longer columns, upping your photography game or exploring new areas? There is no harm in day dreaming about where you might want your blog to take you! Often dreams for the future are a great way to stay motivated and push you forward.

Im not quite sure of where Im going to go next in my blogging journey but writing this little plan of action has made me motivated to start again come tomorrow and think about things in a different way.