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I’m on a bit of a phone case high at the moment. I’ve never really been into them before as I just saw them as pointless. However a few smashed iPhones later and a brand new phone I thought it was about time I actually pulled my finger out and find one that suited me.

I picked this iPhone eye (geddit) cover up from Society 6 recently when I was actually looking for an art print for a friends birthday. This eye print by Ellie Cryer caught my end and I snooped around and saw that it was a phone case too. I ordered it instantly and within a weeks (it ships from the USA) it was mine.

I like it because its stylish and simple without being OTT or crazy. The bold print is fun and unique and really impressive. The case itself is of impeccable quality, I can’t get over how nicely it’s printed and how weighty and protetive it feels!