fear of missing out

coping with fomo

Fomo or Fear of Missing out is a real thing. FOMO is basically the fear of missing an exciting or interesting event may be currently happening elsewhere, often induced by posts seen on a social media website.

I think social media is the reason why this is such a thing these days although I think comparably it would be like “Keeping up with the Joneses” for our Parents generation. In 2015 there is a constant pressure to keep up with others and show how awesome our lives are at all times. It sure sucks seeing a photo of all your friends at some hip bar and your not there because you decided to turn it down for a night on Netflix. You know what it's like. You're trawling through the social networking sites and you can see amazing holiday snaps and relationship photos where everyone looks oh so happy. And there's a little part of us inside which thinks, "Why is my life not like that?!”

Im currently missing out on one of the biggest events in the blogging calendar. By choice of course and you can check my post on why I’m not attending LFW this season here but I can’t help but feel like Im missing out...

Today I thought I’d talk through some tips to deal with FOMO in the hope I take my own advice and help get myself out of a potential jealous rut.


Okay I know we are living in an age where turning off your phone feels like you’re having your hand lopped off but avoiding your phone for a bit and going outside can really clear your head. It’s so important to stop endlessly scrolling through other peoples lives and go out and enjoy your own! Switch your notifications off for a couple of hours and go relax!


Remember we are always only ever going to share the bright and fluffy sides of our lives online. When was the last time you saw someone Instagam their heating bill or when the toilet decided to break?No one including yourself show the troubles or the boring menial tasks in life. Social media is as filtered as that #nomakeup selfie. Incredibly edited and selectively put there probable with the inclination to make someone jealous. Lets face it, most of the time FOMO is often based on lies.


Prioritise things in your life that you enjoy rather than concerning yourself with what others are doing or what you could be doing. Live in the moment and enjoy your own life without being preoccupied by someone else’s. If you have a hobby or a sport go out and do that. Never attend things you think you should attend because everyone else is going. Make the best use of your own time rather than trying to keep up with others. Live for the moment and make the most of the time you have.


Every time you find yourself with that niggling left out feeling you should try and be thankful for all the wonderful things you do have. Dont pine for someone you knew at college but never spoke to but randomly added you on Facebook a few years ago’s life. Think of all the little things that make your life happpy and reflect on those.


I personally think a little green eyed monster sometimes can be really healthy. Let FOMO motivated and inspire you to do and try new things.Sometimes the fear of missing something might motivate you to do something you might have never wanted to do before. For example if you see someones awesome trip round the world, ask them about it rather than sulkily stalk them for hours. Let them be a catalyst for maybe going on your own trip or planning an adventure of your own.

So there are a few tips on how I deal with FOMO - But the bottom line is don’t let it get you down. I think we all experience FOMO to some degree and it’s mainly down to social media. Don’t listen to the social media hype train and try not to let it bother you too much. To quote Fun for Louis:

"Peace out,

Enjoy life, 

Live the adventure"