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Im totally gonna get all British on you and talk about the weather for a bit. But seriously? HOW COLD IS IT RIGHT NOW. Sometimes I feel like I'm forever double layer burrito-ing and hair dryer-ing myself just to keep warm. Going outside has been limited to only when I need to right now!

Stripe tee's are such a wardrobe staple. As I always say... I've never met a stripe that I didnt like and as per usual this one is no exception. I've had this jacket for so long and when I first got it I wore it to death but for some reason it went back into my wardrobe and didn't see the light of day for a while.  I've been totally loving wearing it again though recently. Im not going to make a stupid 50 Shades of Grey pun but just imagine something terrible and tacky. Im so done with that film already, Definitely on my do not ever watch list. Accessory wise I went for a fur clutch and a simple silver watch which I really like. It's minimal and classy and the simple grey strap just compliments the silver face.

Today I've been binge watching the Tudors and trying to spring clean my room a little bit. You know what stage you get to where it's not tidy or organised and it feels like it's getting worse before it gets better. Thats the point where Im at now and Im trying not to sizzle into a stress induced mess!