Style Resolutions for 2015
Style Resolutions for 2015

Inspired by my lovely pal Suzi's recent post on her Style Resolutions for 2015 I thought I'd rack my brains and think of a few for myself.

AVOID Impulse Purchases

I’m very much one of those people who go into a shop and buy whatever I like and then come home and try it all one and think “God why did I get this?” No more purchasing half the shop to cart home. Time to try things on and actually consider the wearability of the things I buy.

Invest in Basics

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repurchased plain black tee’s or jeans in the last year as they’ve become threadbare. Topshop Jamie’s stole my heart in a big was in 2014 and I own at least 5 pairs of the sucky in stretchy bad boys. However they just don’t last, the colour fades and seams tend to become exposed. I want to invest this year in a good, flattering and more expensive pair of jeans to actually last me.

Experiment with proportions

In the latter half of 2014 I feel in love with midi skirts after purchasing one from Topshop. I used to brush of the midi as a unflattering shape but I’ve grown to love it. The shape is girly and fun and works well with my day to day style. I want to try new shapes and fits this year - namely flared jeans and high neck tops.

No More Black Smock Dresses

Simple as. I have approximately 23194283 in my wardrobe already. NO LILY, YOU DONT NEED ANOTHER.

So there are my style resolutions for 2015, Hopefully I'll pick back up in 2016 and see if any of them actually came to anything!  I would love to know yours so feel free to leave them in the comments!