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So it’s already the first weekend of 2015. Crazy how time flies. Im spending this week at home thinking about the new year and what exactly I want from it. Reflection and refreshment are key.

I’ve decided today is my day to clean up, sort out and take some time to focus on me. I’ve got a whopping 365 days to decide what 2015 is going to mean to me. Im throwing out or donating all my out of date makeup, shoes I’ve only worn once, items that still have the tags on. Time to clear out and refresh my surroundings before deciding on what exactly I want.

I think my main resolution this year is to take it slow and steady. Stop trying to rush things and let things flow naturally. I want to get outside and watch life as it happens. I want to talk about it, share my experiences and thoughts with the people I care about most. Days, years, months, and hours will pass by, but they don’t have to slip through our fingers quite so fast. Time isnt infinite but we have a lot of time to achieve our goals. There is no need to want them all right this second.

As of Monday I’m “back at my desk”, getting back in the zone where I need to focus on my job (blogging/writing). I got a bit slack towards the end of the year. I say this a lot but Im not very interested in the business side of blogging and I very rarely look at my emails or take what I do very seriously. I like the content making and the actual doing than being a entrepreneur. I feel like I need to stop fretting so much about not keeping up with the times and just carry on doing what I actually enjoy - the blogging.

So long, somewhat lazy days of winter are tapering off into the fresh exciting months of spring in all it's unexpected uncertainty. I think 2015 is going to be a exciting and life changing year both personally and professionally, and I’m to be honest I'm just excited to see what it has in store for me.