Beady eyed readers might recongise the print of this dress from Native Rose as I actually already own the top version and blogged about it a few months ago! I saw the dress when I popped into UO to buy a birthday present (isnt Urban Outfitters the best place to shop for random presents?) and knew it had to be mine.  Reduced in the sale, it felt like fate. I love the colours, mixed prints and the swing style. I'm also weirdly in love with the collar on the dress. It's adorable!

I currently have Tonsillitis and feel like the world is going to end. I get reoccurring throat infections all the time but was saying to Zoe only a few days ago that I hadnt had one in a while... Then BAM - Throat Infection. So annoying! Must have jinxed myself when I said I hadnt had one for a while. Sigh. Im going to see my current favourite band tomorrow (Moose Blood) but at the moment I dont think I'm going to be able to make it because of this stupid throat. Screaming out the words is probably not going to help!

PS. The dress above isnt the one I'm wearing as I cant find it on Urban Outfitters but it's pretty much the same thing! Infact I like I like that one more than the one I own!