how to destress

Stress is a familiar occurrence in pretty much all of out lives and in 2015 I feel like we are at an all time high in the stress level chance. Stress isn’t good for us. It can make us restless, loose sleep and over eat. In some cases its just expected that we are all running around with frazzled nerves and todo lists that seem like they are never ending. Most of us juggle a bunch of things all at the same time from blogging, working, school and life - it’s no wonder occasionally we have the tendency to stress out.

Last week I found myself having a little cry sob because I felt so overwhelmed with the all the tasks I had on my plate. I woke up one morning and just thought - I need to rest - I mean - REALLY rest. It was time to get rid of all those anxious feelings and get some positivity and organisation following back in my veins.

Keep a Schedule:

I like to keep both a traditional paper calendar as well as keeping my iCal updated. Having quick access to my monthly plans is a great stress reducer. By seeing what you have planned out for the month ahead you can clearly schedule activities and meetings without double booking yourself. It’s also ideal to note down when you have important things due like projects,homework or bills. Therefore when the stressful occasions pop up you have fair warning.

Relax Time

While I absolutely love going out and keeping busy I feel it’s so important to schedule time to just be you. Take a Friday off partying with friends to just stay in and focus on doing something you enjoy. Take a bath, read or do whatever makes you feel good. Switch off your phone and just enjoy being in your own company.

Take care of yourself:

Try and eat well as exercise, sleep and nutrition go hand in hand. Cook up a big batch of healthy food which you can portion up for the fridge or freezer rather than grabbing calorie and carb laden foods when stress hits. Lowering the amount of caffeine and refined sugars in your diet will likely also help your quality of sleep, which in turn will lower your stress levels.


Getting out in the open on a 30 minute walk can really help clear your mind, reduce stress and get your blood flowing.

Tidy Up

I always feel like once you clear out your desk, workspace or even bedroom you feel so much less stressed. Being in a tidy and organised space really helps clear the mind and takes care of any anxiety. I try and clean up as I go along but I know Im always left with mugs, rings and socks scattered all over my work space which puts my mind into overdrive. A clear space equals a clear head.

My counsellor told me once that you have to be kind to yourself before you can really start healing. It’s one of the best pieces od advice I’ve ever been given and I try and apply it to my day to day life as much as I can. Be gentle with yourself.

I’d love to know: what are your techniques for dealing with stress? Please feel free to share in the comments.