As you have probably noticed I have a new layout which is a Pipdig layout that I customised to my own taste (fonts etc). It still needs a new header - which me and Jon will be shooting next week as well as a bunch of other little custom features Im still coding. I thought it was about time I did a little update about what exactly is going on with this site.

Im currently working on moving all my content from ETCLLYMLRS onto this site thus making it all one big site. You may have noticed that towards the end of the year I stopped posting so much on my beauty blog. Not because I was done with posting about beauty I just wanted to work out exactly what I wanted to do this two websites. I've come to the conclusion it's time to close it down and move it over here.

Therefore from the next few days onwards this site will have a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. I want to just keep all my stuff in one place from now on and not have to worry about keeping two blogs in check all the time. Running two blogs and keeping consistent quality isnt all that easy!

I want to incorporate more music related things on this blog as well as advice, lifestyle and travel elements. In 2014 I rediscovered my love of music and had the opportunity to travel the world. Those two things have really changed my life and I want to reflect that within my blogging in 2015.

Youtube wise - I plan on making videos soon. I don't know when but I do plan on doing something... uh soon. I loved Youtube in the early months of last year but something slipped towards the end and I feel like I cant quite find my place. Youtube is so over saturated with people making the same types of videos it's so hard to carve a place for yourself when an set "style" is already out there. The long and short of it is that I know what kind of videos I want to make ... I think. Im just not quite sure how to make them quite yet!

Anyway, The bottom line is Im throwing myself back into blogging again to behind 2015. I've got loads of ideas for things I want to talk about and new posts to produce. Feeling inspired and motivated almost 6 years down the line has been a struggle but I still absolutely love blogging. I'm constantly inspired by others to push myself further and harder and change perceptions. Blogging is such a huge industry these days and I feel so proud to be part of it.